My HR thinkers Twitter List

20130317-112256.jpgYesterday I took the liberty to reorganize the way I follow and read some of the best HR blogs and thinkers around the topics of Human Resources on the web.
Thing is that I relied a lot on Google Reader to assemble the RSS feeds of the various blogs that I found interesting. The recent decision to discontinue this service came as a really unwelcome surprise to me, so I tried to understand a way on how to make sure I wasn’t loosing touch with my favorite readings.
As a matter of fact I started considering what the best way to get this done. As I use Flipboard to read most of my online content on my iPad, I browsed a bit, until I found that probably the best thing to do was to create a List on Twitter, then include that as a separate subscription in Flipboard.

But, as I was doing this anyway, the question was why not sharing this small piece of work? That is why I have created and made public my personal HR Thinkers Twitter list. At the moment it counts 30 twitter accounts, mainly of individual bloggers, some time of organisations and companies active in the field of HR.

It will for sure evolve in the future, so do not hesitate to also suggest new entries!

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