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That’s me

My name is Sergio Caredda and I define myself a Digital Knowmad, a Rebel, a Multipotentialite, an HR Professional believing in the human side of HR.
In May 2022 I joined the Campari Group as Head of HR for Corporate Functions, moving to the Milan area in Italy.

My Personal Purpose is:
Always Enable People to Thrive and have an Impact.

My Life in a Nutshell

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Born in Nuoro (Sardinia, Italy) in 1976, I have been working for many years in the HR and Human Capital domains. I think of myself as an eclectic person, born on the edge of the Y generation, with interests that span various areas of Human Knowledge. I’ve now worked for more than twenty years, in what has been an intense learning experience. Definitely not the end of it.

In 2021 I moved back to Italy, to take the challenge of leading the HR Function as Chief People Officer at OVS S.p.A., the leading Italian retailer in the apparel market, owning brands such as OVS, UPIM, Croff, BluKids, and that recently acquired Stefanel and the GAP Italy business. I have been with OVS for one year, and have then continued to support the company until April 2022 in an Advisory role on Social Responsibility.

I had spent more than nine years abroad, more recently based in Switzerland. My last appointment there was Global Digital HR Transformation Lead for VF Corporation, the leading global apparel conglomerate. In this role, I focused on the people side of transformation towards digital, an essential aspect of the company’s growth strategy.

Before this assignment, I was Senior Director, HR Business Partner DTC EMEA. As such, I was responsible for the Retail and Direct to Consumer platform of VF across Europe, serving with my team more than 350 Owned and Operated Stores of the eight brands present in Europe: Timberland, Vans, The North Face, Kipling, Napapijri, Lee and Wrangler.

Before this, I have been working for almost three years in Luxembourg for Deloitte, as Senior Manager Human Capital. During this period, I focused specifically on projects in the domain of HR Transformation, serving companies such as HSBC, Velux, Vestas, BGL, Sanofi etc.

Before moving to Luxembourg, I have been Training and Development Manager at Diesel and its holding company OTB where I’ve been exposed to numerous challenges spanning from Shopping Experience development to a global HR Transformation project, which included the implementation of PeopleSoft as the international HRIS.

I’ve also been cooperating with various universities: I’ve taught at the University of Bologna in Forlì and the University of Trento. I’ve also kept many interests in the non-profit sector, and every year I try to dedicate part of my time to help some non-profit organisations to grow and evolve.

My Interests

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Liberal, Libertarian, Secular, Christian, politically independent. Not easy to define me. I believe that one of the most precious assets of a man is its identity, its diversity, its uniqueness, its Freedom. That is why I think that the critical path for our future is in a Federalist Europe, developed on the grounds of the respect of Human Rights, equality, equity and justice.

I’ve always been interested in technology, and believe that the Internet is one of the biggest revolutions for humankind so far, yet having to demonstrate all its consequences and impacts. I started my first webpage in 1995, and since then have experimented with numerous forms of internet dialogue. Always with the “eclectic” touch that is a characteristic of my self.

A selection of my best posts

Here a selection of the posts that are more important to me. Please also have a look at the Start Here page, which will accompany you through the contents of this blog.

My Most Important Posts

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My Learning and Growth

HR Business Partner, Human Capital Expert, HR Transformation Expert, Non-Profit, Intellectual Capital… many labels that all define a small part of my interests and activities. But I must say that so far my life has been influenced by two great experiences:

  • During the years of my University studies, I’ve been a board member and then President of AEGEE Europe (Association des Etats Génèraux des Etudiants de l’Europe), making this a unique and extraordinary experience.
  • The second mention goes to my first “boss” and Mentor Franco D’Egidio, managerial consultant, writer, thinker. A real milestone in my career path: he taught me the importance of People as the key drivers of the company’s success. A lesson that I try to bring along over and over again, in my daily work.

But there are many more people I should be thankful for, in an ever-growing list of supporters and mentors that impacted my life.

So, that’s me. You will discover more on this blog. Its fragmented content is one more sign of a complex personality that never really manages to “fit” a container…

Social Presence

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