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I love reading! If you have a Book Suggestion for me, please let me know by using the below form. Please note that I don’t guarantee that submitted books will be reviewed. That will be at my absolute discretion. Feel free to browse through my Book Reviews to see what types of books I read, and also read below my Reading List if you want to have a peek in my planned readings.

Still, if you feel that your book is in line with the content of this blog, feel free to indicate this in the form below. I will be contacting back with my address detail to send a copy of the book, either electronically (kindle format preferred) or physically.

On this blog, I review only books linked to the following topics: People Management, Organisation Design, Leadership, Retail, Shopping Experience, Digital Transformation, Technology.

However, feel free to suggest any reading you might find interesting for my multipotentialite personality 🙂

Thank you very much!

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My Reading List

Here below my Reading List of Management Books. It is again available on Goodreads. I use to track the books I want to read and review on this blog.

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