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Book Review: Scrum 101 by David Lowe, James Wyllie and Jiten Vara

There are moments in which you need a practical handbook to guide you through the tools of a specific topic in an easy to read and accessible format. This is Scrum 101 by David LoweJames Wyllie and Jiten Vara, a book that we can genuinely define nimble and agile in the way it delivers context and clarification on the Scrum methodology. 

Scrum is the fundamental methodology to deliver agile in organisations, yet it is often one of the most misunderstood frameworks. 

The book provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about Agile with Scrum. It is based on real questions through the workshops that the authors have facilitated and thus has an efficient focus. Most of the chapters are therefore framed into a question, making this very much resemble a FAQ collection.

Although the Scrum framework is well defined, it is flexible so that it can be turned to your individual circumstances. This is part of the Scrum’s beauty. Unfortunately, although Scrum seems simple in theory, putting it into practice is not so easy.

Scrum 101, page 126

This book is very good at highlighting the fundamental concepts of Scrum in a “problem solving” way. Questions like How do we prioritise work? get simple answers which are based on the methodology, but are also pragmatic in nature (one of the problem unfortunately with many Agile Coaches is that they seem to be bringing in a dogmatic approach, which often creates a reaction of pushback especially for organisations that are transforming.

Agile and Scrum encourage you to think about how you work, not just about what you are working on.

Scrum 101, page 126

Which can genuinely make a big difference for organisations in all sorts of transitions. Understanding Scrum (and similar concepts) as Framework of references instead then as dictatorial approaches, will help you finetune your practices and adapt them to the culture of your organisation

And you? Did you read this book? How did you find it?

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Scrum 101 in a Nutshell

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