2004 – Traduzione Linee Guida Global reporting Initiative

Translation Director della versione italiana delle linee Guida della Global Reporting Initiative, che costituiscono il punto di riferimento al mondo per la redazione dei programmi di sostenibilità sociale.

La versione completa italiana in versione pdf è disponibile qui.

Ed ecco il comunicato che ne annunciava la traduzione Translation is underway for an Italian version of the Guidelines. Lead translator Sergio Caredda and a multi-stakeholder team of peer reviewers expect to have a draft ready at the end of May. GRI will announce a launch event for the Guidelines in Italian to be held following the completion of the translation, information about this event will be distributed via GRI’s monthly update newsletter. GRI extends its deepest thanks to it’s collaborators in Italy for their contribution to creating a global language for sustainability reporting.

Peer reviewers: Silvia Persi, ISVI; Mario Molteni, Full Professor of Management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan and Director of ISVI (Institute for Business Values); Prof. Valerio Melandri, Faculty of Economics, University of Bologna-Forlì; Dr. Matteo Borzaga, Faculty of Law, University of Trento

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