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Doing some Cleaning

My three cats resting after the cleaning…

Weekends (at least the few ones I spend in Luxembourg) is cleaning time! A protracted effort to find a sense of order in my home (always challenged by my three cats, constantly running around while I try to put things in order). Anyway, after the “hard-core” cleaning, I decided to spend some time also on some more “virtual” cleanings online.

I have readjusted the theme of my online notepad on tumblr EcletticaMente (mainly in Italian), which now has its own sub domain: io.sergiocaredda.eu.

I have readjusted my “about.me” page, as well as my Twitter one, trying to synch my profiles (don’t know why, but I have the tendency to always reinvent the wheel when I have to describe myself…). Also tried to set up a new “claim” for myself: Trying to bring back People at the core of the human enterprise. Please throw stones at it…

Eventually, after the implementation of my Hr Thinker list, I have created a magazine version, called Knowledge Nomad thanks to the free service of paper.li. Every day it will serve you a fresh view of interesting HR related news.

Yes, I know that “cleaning news” are not really interesting as a nice Leadership reading, but sometime this is also needed!

Cheers 😉

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