Summer Break

Summer Break: back to Sardinia

It’s finally that time of the year where you pause and reflect. And have decided to take a break also from all my digital presence. I had worked hard in the past weeks to keep at least a flow of posts going through the next weeks, while am away. But then, I would not have been able to detach myself from checking in the reactions, likes, comments and so on. So, you will have to wait for this new content upon my return, at the end of the month! I’m sure you will all understand.

Summer vacations are also a great way to kind of look back and see what has happened. 2020 is a difficult year. The Covid19 outbreak has changed the way we work and create a massive uncertainty around the world. But it also created a lot of energy flows. The number of webinars, courses, virtual conferences online focusing on changing things for good is impressive. Will it last? We don’t yet know, but for sure this blast of passion is a sign of collective hope.

Personally, I kept reading, learning, challenging myself to discover new things. Although this first part of the year has also been emotionally loaded at a personal level (due to the bone-cancer discovery affecting my dog, Morgana, and consequent amputation and chemotherapy). I’ve also learnt a lot about resilience, and what I want to achieve next.

I would like to thanks all the people that follow me on this blog or through the newsletter, or on LinkedIn, Twitter and the other Social Media channels. For their comments, likes and interactions, and especially for the feedback I have received. When I check my visitors’ stats, I’m always amazed to see that thousands of people every month find something useful to read on this blog. And this was the entire intention of it, give a spark of curiosity.

What will come next? I’m happy to have presented the concept of the Intentional Organisation in two events by now, getting a lot of great feedback. I want to refine the idea, amplifying the research in those components, and who knows. I was maybe picking the feedback about writing a book about it seriously. For sure there will be a lot of readings during these holidays, not necessarily about management, but for sure some of which you will read about upon my return.

Where will I go? Sardinia, my island. Besides the beautiful sea (of which the picture above is just a glimpse), I think that this period of time has also given many of us a different perception of our roots. The isolation and lockdown have given a different meaning to our human relationships.

Thanks again for your help and support so far, and see you again in August!

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Cover Photo by myself, taken in the Island of Caprera, La Maddalena Archipelago, 2019.

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    Soho Flordis International SA

    Enjoy your well deserved holidays, and thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to read intelligent thoughts. Take care

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