Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Then stay home!

Well, it may sound really weird to give this suggestion, but I must say that sometime this is really the best thing to do in certain cases. I’m not talking about the usual monday morning sindrome, or simply when you feel a bit “exhausted”. I’m talking about those days where everything seems impossible already from the first hours of the morning. The reason could be because you’ve not sleeping well, or you have had a fight with your important half, or for whatever reason are exploding of negative energy. If this is the case, please just stay home. Why? Because that shit is contagious. Not only does it spread like crazy in the workplace – it follows employees home and infects their personal lives. You think a flu will affect your office’s productivity level. Try the a-hole in marketing who decided it was his mission to crap on anyone and everyone who comes close to his workspace. Oh it’s not them he’s angry with…but they are going to know how he feels. Well, I don’t think …

Management is NOT Leadership

In so many organisations there is a lot of confusion between the terms Leadership and Management, up to the point that they are very often used as synonyms. A huge mistake! In a recent post on HBR John Kotter has listed a set of three mistakes that people make on the issue: The fact that both words are used interchangeably. Dangerous because the two words are effectively indicating two different vital functions in one organisation. The fact that people call the top hierarchy of an organisation “leadership”, and the lower levels of decision making “management”. Dangerous because this assumes that leadership should exclusively be a skill of the top executives, whereas management should be a skill linked to execution at lower levels. The fact that “leadership” is often used in terms of personality characteristics. Dangerous because this results in organisations limiting the amplitude of their leadership needs. This three mistakes are so embedded in the organizational dialogue today, that I recently heard an executive stating “I don’t have time to manage this, I ened to lead this organisation”. But how can …

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Walk your talk

There’s a short quote that appears very often on the social media in recent days: What you do speaks so loudly, I can hardly hear what you’re saying. It’s truth is so outstanding, that some people sometime get this for granted. Many that read this are tempted to go the direction of interpreting non-verbal communication… (which is of course also true). But the key message behind this quote is that whatever you say, people watch out for your actions a lot more than for your words. “Walk the talk” is a very nice English expression that highlights exactly this aspect. In its basic form, is also the best personal effectiveness tip I can give. Acting in line with your thoughts and your words is the best way to get the people around you to understand you. So, what’s so difficult about it? I think it is all down to the fact we, human beings, are intrinsically lazy. It is a lot easier to tell a colleague to give good feedback, then to do so ourselves. Plus we …


Tipping ideas

One of the key features I would like to deliver through this blog, is some key effective tips that can help improve how everyday’s life. I’ve decided to user not much text for this, as I would really like to keep these short and simple, the way an actual “Tip” should be. I know this is not a completely new idea, but it is worth trying, also because often all what is needed is just a simple place where to find good and effective ideas. Plus, I’ve decided to only place the few Tips that I know are working, simply because I have tried them myself. So, let’s start! And please, make sure you get any idea or feedback through this blog’s comments!