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Speaking in Amsterdam

I love to share my thought and experience as HR Speaker in conferences and workshops around the world. Through the years I have also moderated panel discussions and roundtables. And have covered topics linked to HR Organisation, Digital Transformation, Leadership, Talent and Retail Excellence.

If you’re interested in collaborating on a speaker assignment, or want to invite over to an event, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Below a list of some of the conferences I have attended as speaker, panelist or moderator.

List of conferences attended as speaker

Fig.1: Attending a Panel Discussion

12/2020 STRETCH Leadership and Management Conference
Building the Intentional Organisation
– Speech on the second day of the conference.

11/2020 PEOPLE & BUSINESS EXPERIENCE™ – The Future of HR
– Online Webinar on the Role of HR after the pandemic, with Ricardo Vargas and moderated by Nicole Eifler

11/2020 The Meaning of Work
– Lesson at the University St, Gallen.

07/2020 Teal Around the World
The Intentional Organisation
– Speech at the largest online event on new organisational models.

06/2020 People R-Evolution: Building the Intentional Organisation
– Online webinar organised by the People R-Evolution Community, where I presented, for the first time in Italian, the Intentional Organisation concept.
Video on YouTube

05/2020 Digital HR Innovation Week
Partnering for Success – Accelerating the Digital Transformation Process Necessary to Achieve Strategic Objectives
– Event with over 2000 registered attendees.

04/2020 ORGANIZZAZIONE. OLTRE LA FRONTIERA: Nuovi Modelli Organizzativi
– Panel discussion on new Organisational Models.
Video online on YouTube

03/2020 #GoodAfterCovid19
– Participation in the first 3 FishBowls.
Intention Video available on YouTube

11/2019 Workforce Digital Transformation Summit (Amsterdam)
– Panel Discussion Moderator: Navigating HR Revolution (Day 1)
Building Strategic HR Capabilities (Day 2)

11/2019 New Way of Working Excellence Forum & Hackaton (Amsterdam)
The role of HR In Digital Transformation

04/2019 Leap HR Retail (London)
Breaking away from traditional HR to transform employee engagement.

10/2018 Unleash World Conference and Expo (Amsterdam)
Employee Journey in Retail: bridging the omnichannel experience

03/2018 ShopTalk (Las Vegas)
Organising for Omnichannel

03/2018 Fashion Innovation Week (Lugano)
Financial implications of human capital acquisition in investment and innovation.

10/2017 ShopTalk Europe (Copenhagen)
How to develop Innovative Retail Cultures

10/2010 Oracle Open World Conference (San Francisco)
Peopleosoft Release 9.1 Presentation, San Francisco

02/2008 HR Directors Forum (Brussels)
Developing a successful international training strategy

06/2008 University of Trento (Trento)
Building for the Future through Leadership Development

11/2007 Retail Forum (Milan)
Building a world-class learning experience at store level.

06/2006 CIPD – International Development Plans Conference (London)
International Leadership Development Programme: The Diesel Case

05/2006 CIPD Annual Forum (London)
How to develop your future leaders: The Diesel Case, London

07/2004 Global Reporting Initiative (Milan)
Sustainability reporting for Small and Medium Enterprises, Milan

09/2003 Final Conference of the PRISM Project (London)
Developing and Intellectual Capital Statement: The Intercos Case, London

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