Being Good EnoughBeing Good Enough

Being Good Enough

Taking part in a recent event, one of the speaker at a certain point mentioned a sentence that made me think. We… Read More

4 years ago

Are you a Multipotentialite?

Multipotentialite is the last buzz word that I came through, that helps describe my own personality. I must admit I have… Read More

4 years ago

Book Review: Agile People by Pia-Maria Thoren

Agile People by Pia-Maria Thoren is one of those books that you wonder why it wasn’t written already. It’s a straightforward book in… Read More

4 years ago

Book Review: Scrum 101 by David Lowe, James Wyllie and Jiten Vara

There are moments in which you need a practical handbook to guide you through the tools of a specific topic… Read More

4 years ago

Organisation Design for Agile: Start with Operational Governance

As we approach (re) organisation design work to support business transformation, we are often faced with the fact that few… Read More

4 years ago