Netflix Culture DeckNetflix Culture Deck

Netflix Culture Deck

The Netflix Culture Deck became quickly famous back in 2009 when it was released in the public, outlining the revolutionary… Read More

3 years ago

5 Reasons Why Remote Work won’t Last. Unless you take these actions.

Despite the increase of COVID-19 cases again in many countries (up to the point that some already speak of a… Read More

3 years ago

Book Review: The Covid-19 Survival Guide by Fons Trompenaars

The Covid-19 Survival Guide is an instant eBook written by Fons Trompenaars and crew and tackles the effects of Covid19 on organisations from… Read More

3 years ago

Book Review: Midnight in Chernobyl by Adam Higginbotham

Midnight in Chernobyl is not a book about management. Yet, this genuinely detailed account of the horrors of the most massive… Read More

3 years ago

Digital Transformation and Organisation Evolution

You probably noticed that in the recent period, I have focused on structuring a few organisation design concepts on this… Read More

4 years ago