Organisation Evolution Framework

Event: Teal Around the WorldEvent: Teal Around the World

Event: Teal Around the World

On July 9th I will be participating in Teal Around the World, a one day, 24hours long global virtual conference… Read More

3 years ago

Event: Building the Intentional Organisation

The Intentional Organisation. A trip between Consistency and Innovation is the title of the webinar that I held on June… Read More

3 years ago

Designing for Belonging, not just Inclusion

Designing for Belonging is a critical concept in the quest for real Inclusion and Diversity. So far, most of the actions… Read More

3 years ago

Strategy Frameworks: The Theory and the Practice

Strategy is a critical element for Organisation Design and the second foundational block of the Organisation Evolution Framework. It is a component to… Read More

3 years ago

Organisational Awareness: a critical capability for the business

One of the comments that I got on LinkedIn on my article on Operating Models, stated that it’s easy to reflect… Read More

3 years ago