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Who Owns the Experience?Who Owns the Experience?

Who Owns the Experience?

Who owns the Experience? We have all heard the concept of Experience Economy that dominates the evolution of our world today. Most… Read More

4 years ago

Book Review: Why She Buys by Bridget Brennan

Why She Buys is considered a milestone in marketing (and selling) for women, and for this reason, I decided to… Read More

4 years ago

Disrupting HR: start thinking of HR Customer Service

After many years of discussion and implementation of the HR Transformation framework developed by Dave Ulrich, very few organizations have… Read More

10 years ago

The Value of a “wow” Shopping Experience

A couple of days ago I've spoken at the annual Marketing Symposium that Deloitte organizes in Luxembourg. My short intervention… Read More

11 years ago

Survey’s won’t tell you everything

Whenever managers face a soft issue, there's a tendency to think that a survey can help by showing what others… Read More

11 years ago