Build Your Skills and Prepare for the Future of Work.

Future of Work: one of the most common topics lately. I decided to give it a slightly different read, and I recently started to write some posts titled “Build Your Skills” for the Future of Work. I have put my focus on what I believe to be the critical skills for true Digital leaders in this complex Digital World. I have discussed already what I think the concept of Digital Leadership should be, as well as what is not working in Digital Transformation. In these posts, I try to focus on practively building the blocks that make or break your success in your development as a Leader, often from a slightly eclectic perspective.

The “Build Your Skills” Post Collection. Be prepared for the Future of Work

Build your Skills: Systems Thinking
I’ve always been fascinated by pictures of Planet Earth from outer space, especially those at night. You recognise the planet, then the plethora of illuminated cities. The largest ones seem …
Build your Skills: Decision-Making
In my organisational experience, I noticed that one of the most complex skills to master is Decision-Making. This even though anecdotal evidence tells that each of us takes many decisions every day.  Many …
Build your Skills: Listening
Listening is one of the most critical skills in a work environment. Yet, not much effort is given to learning how to listen. In most cases, there’s simply a “discipline” approach, …
Build your Skills: Learning Agility
The concept of Learning Agility dates back to 1970, when American author Alvin Toffler in his book Future Shock, investigated the move from the traditional industrial age to a new …

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