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Strategy as Learning

Strategy as Learning

Strategy is a word that can be found everywhere. In a recent post, I tried to provide an overview of the existing frameworks to define…

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Employee Experience Key Trends
Employee Experience

Employee Experience Key Trends

What are Employee Experience Key Trends? As the concept of Employee Experience becomes more widespread across many organisations, it’s interesting to understand how organisations implement this…

Who owns the Experience

Who Owns the Experience?

Who owns the Experience? We have all heard the concept of Experience Economy that dominates the evolution of our world today. Most companies have realised…

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About Me

"People are the heart of every organisation. Results are only reached by the people and through the people. This is what I think true HR should work for" - Sergio Caredda

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Models: The Nudge Theory

Models: The Nudge Theory

The Nudge Theory is very relevant when we speak of Change Management, even if it is not, strictly speaking, a Change Management model.…

Models: Satir Change Framework

Models: Satir Change Model

The Satir Change Model is a model developed by family therapist Virginia Satir. Her foundation idea was that improvement is always possible: she, therefore,…

Models: Bridge's Transition

Models: Bridge’s Transition

The Bridge’s Transition Model was developed in 1991 by William Bridges in his book Managing Transitions: Making The Most Of Change. The model…

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