A Beginner’s Guide to becoming a First-Principles Thinker

A Beginner's Guide to becoming a First-Principles Thinker

Compiled by Ayush Sharma and Rahul Garg this is an excellent guide on First-Principle thinking. “First-principles are the Lego building blocks for thinking. These Lego blocks, once carefully assembled with forethought, are reusable. With the right set of first-principles, you can start mixing them in ways you couldn’t before allowing you to think better and faster. “

This toolkit brings you a number of excellent contents on topics such as Math, Physics, Computation, Psychology and Evolution, Philiosophy, Economics. A particular attention is given to the work of N. N. Taleb.

For each argument, the authors have curated what they think is the “minimum spanning tree” of topics to supercharge your thinking. Definitely not a quick read, but a true companion for developing a thought process that is freed from analogy.

Truly a great resource to be consulted over and over.

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