The Meaning of Work Presentation at Universität St.Gallen (HSG)

The Meaning of Work. My Presentation at Universität St.Gallen (HSG)

Last week I have been invited to participate in a lesson at the Universität St.Gallen (HSG) by prof. Antoinette Weibel, where I presented, for the first time, a short version of the investigation work done on The Meaning of Work.

I did a quick review of the meaning of work through history, presenting the idea of The Discourses of Work, particularly focusing on the Discourse of Work as Job and the elements that are bringing to a definition of a New Discourse of Work.

There was a lot of interesting feedback from the students, with a lot of focus on the effects of Artificial Intelligence and Automation on work. Which prompted some of the reflections in the last issue of my Newsletter.

I’m really happy about the feedback collected, and will be embedding some of them into the investigation, as I really consider it a work in progress from many points of view.

Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestion in the comments below.

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