Rise! How HR can Lead the Organization through the Current Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine and Beyond

How can HR support in the current Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine?

On March 17th Prof. Dave Ulrich conducted a webinar together with Wendy Ulrich, with a panel that I joined together with Cristina A. Wilbur from Roche, Heike Virmond, Ph.D. from Gategorup moderated by Mihaly Nagy.

The Webinar was organised by RBL Group and The HR Congress. The webinar was made possible thanks to the support of SHRMHRCIPeople Matters#ZigZagHRInsight222HR LeadersThe Business Transformation Network (The BTN) and HRMAcademy.

👉 Individual employees.

HR professionals care for and inspire employees, helping them stabilize emotions, focus on enduring values, access support and resources, and contribute meaningfully to empowering others.

👉 Organizational social responsibility.

HR leads out in helping organizations collaborate with relief agencies; work with governments to enact positive regulatory policies; train, place, or hire those in need of work; participate in creating job banks; match personal financial donations; and encourage sabbaticals and volunteer service.

👉 Leaders and leadership.

HR can coach and facilitate leaders at all levels to set a vision of commitment to service, communicate with both words and action, create the right organization culture of service and responsibility, and model compassion and active engagement.

You can see more content from this session, as well have the possibility to add your comments directly on the #HRForUkraine page dedicated to the event.

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