Help to imagine the Good After Covid19

Good After Covid19

Good After Covid19 is an informal think tank that will hold a virtual fishbowl on March 24th, to discuss what Good can be achieved after the Covid19 crisis.

Is it possible to start imagining the good while the wounds are still wide open?

I have already mentioned in several posts the fact that I don’t think of this crisis to be only negative. Yes, at this moment, where we are mourning the enormous amount of human lives taken by the virus, it might be difficult to think about the future.

But I truly believe we need to start thinking of how to rebuild. Whether it’s a more Resilient Organisation, a new Future for Work or a redefinition of what Experience Economy means, there’s an opportunity to redefine for Good.

Here is the video I‘ve recorded with the first three points that came to my mind about three emerging areas that I see that are interesting to tackle. But there are more positive signs from around the world.

More videos are available online directly on the main event page.

The Event

Join 40 global thought leaders for a Virtual Fishbowl

How to take part

The event is open to everyone, feel free to join directly online or subscribe via Eventbrite.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

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