Month: November 2012


Survey’s won’t tell you everything

Whenever managers face a soft issue, there’s a tendency to think that a survey can help by showing what others think on a specific topic. Whether it is a new product idea, the results of a marketing campaign, a change management issue, or simply an aid into understanding a business issue, surveys are often meant to support the decision making process by providing factual evidences. Or at least that’s the idea behind it. Of course, a well crafted survey will be able to capture what respondents think of every question you pose… But here’s the point: what about the questions you didn’t pose? Surveys can never tell you what you have never thought to ask. And, odd enough, what you have never thought to as may hide what you really need for your business. As such, surveys are perfect (and expensive) tools for validating your own thoughts. But they will never get really new ideas or real business solutions. That is why very often survey results carry even more questions than answers: a typical example …

A Book Review: ReWork, or the real power of Simplicity

I’ve just finished reading a book I got through the suggestions from Amazon. The title is ReWork and comes from the experience of Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, founders of  37signals, a small company that sits behind some very well known web-based applications such as BaseCamp, or technologies such as Ruby on Rails. The book has been really a great reading experience. Concise, interesting, filled with easy to implement tips. While reading it you have the clear feeling of noting many obvious things, usually a good sign when reading a Business Book. Yet, there’s something about this book that made me feel I should recommend its reading. First of all, the authors are very clear about their ideas about growth and size. What we all tend to consider a “must” in business terms, is considered as something that should not pursued at all costs. Based from their business experience, the key message they try to carry is that size is negative for businesses, especially in their initial phases, as it adds complexity and costs. A second …

Blah Blah

Walk your talk

There’s a short quote that appears very often on the social media in recent days: What you do speaks so loudly, I can hardly hear what you’re saying. It’s truth is so outstanding, that some people sometime get this for granted. Many that read this are tempted to go the direction of interpreting non-verbal communication… (which is of course also true). But the key message behind this quote is that whatever you say, people watch out for your actions a lot more than for your words. “Walk the talk” is a very nice English expression that highlights exactly this aspect. In its basic form, is also the best personal effectiveness tip I can give. Acting in line with your thoughts and your words is the best way to get the people around you to understand you. So, what’s so difficult about it? I think it is all down to the fact we, human beings, are intrinsically lazy. It is a lot easier to tell a colleague to give good feedback, then to do so ourselves. Plus we …


Tipping ideas

One of the key features I would like to deliver through this blog, is some key effective tips that can help improve how everyday’s life. I’ve decided to user not much text for this, as I would really like to keep these short and simple, the way an actual “Tip” should be. I know this is not a completely new idea, but it is worth trying, also because often all what is needed is just a simple place where to find good and effective ideas. Plus, I’ve decided to only place the few Tips that I know are working, simply because I have tried them myself. So, let’s start! And please, make sure you get any idea or feedback through this blog’s comments!

Reset and Restart

It’s more than a year that I’ve not given attention to this Blog. What happened? Well… I changed job, I moved to another country… substantial changes in life and basically the need to devote time to other priorities. But… writing has always appealed to me, and I wanted top take back some time for myself, and start back in sharing thoughts and experiences. But what is going to change? Well, the first thing you have probably noticed: this post is in English. As my current work is mainly done in this language, I sort of feel I should share my thoughts also with the people I work with. Both clients and colleagues, should have the opportunity (I hope) to exchange ideas on this blog and comment on my ideas. Plus… somehow I feel that the topics I am usually interested in cannot be framed and limited by one language only. I’ve also decided to refresh the design of the blog. It will take sometime before it gets fully usable, but I believe it to be a lot …