Event: Teal Around the World

Teal Around the World event

On July 9th I will be participating in Teal Around the World, a one day, 24hours long global virtual conference focuses on “exchanging perspectives and best practices, as well as to challenge the expression and push the boundaries of self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose.” I will be introducing the concept of the Intentional Organisation, which is a consolidated version of the Organisation Evolution Framework I built, and that is attracting quite some positive feedback. I will use this “virtual map” as a way to express the need for a balance between Consistency and the necessary Tension for Innovation in organisations.

The panel of speakers is really terrific:

  • Jos De Blok, Founder, Buurtzorg Netherlands, The Netherlands
  • Kelly Hall, Managing Director of DSM-Niaga, USA
  • Jonas Vonlanthen, Partner at LIIP, Switzerland
  • Fran Wilby, Head of International Development and Support, Lumiar Education, United Kingdom
  • Nand Kishore Chaudhary, Chairman & Managing Director, Jaipur Rugs, India
  • Pascal Dulex, Organizational Culture & Creative Direction, Freitag Lab, Switzerland
  • Otti Vogt, Chief Operating Officer C&G, ING, Netherlands
  • Payam Samani, Founder, Chairman & CEO, One Planet Group, USA
  • Itziar Canamasas, Managing Director Bayer Ltd
  • Lara Bezerra, Chief Purpose Officer of WorkCoherence, Former CPO Roche Pharma, India
  • James Priest, Co-founder and developer of Sociocracy 3.0, Spain
  • Ladon Ghalili, Director & Co-Founder, Epoch International
  • Doug Kirkpatrick, US Partner, NuFocus Strategic Group, USA
  • Brian Ungard, Chief Purpose Officer, The Decurion Corporation, USA
  • Susan Basterfield, Foundation Director, Enspiral, Partner, Greaterthan, New Zealand
  • Daren Wilson, Pharma Leader, Roche, Slovak Republic
  • Nina Kreyer Global Head of Learning, Philip Morris International, United Kingdom

Have a look at the very rich programme, and feel free to register directly online.

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