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What is VUCA?

What is VUCA? The dazzling power of uncertainty.

VUCA is such a common acronym in today’s managerial jargon that many have lost a full understanding of what VUCA means. So I’ll try…

2020 Retail Trends

Key 2020 Trends for Retail

What are the 2020 Retail Trends? As I’ve done with HR, and Employee Experience, I’ve been browsing around for some insights of what…

Who Owns Digital Transformation?

Who owns Digital Transformation?

There appears to be a constant discussion about Who Owns Digital Transformation. I wrote already in the past that I think that HR needs to…

Employee Experience Key Trends
Employee Experience

Employee Experience Key Trends

What are Employee Experience Key Trends? As the concept of Employee Experience becomes more widespread across many organisations, it’s interesting to understand how organisations implement this…