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Doing some Cleaning

Weekends (at least the few ones I spend in Luxembourg) is cleaning time! A protracted effort to find a sense of order in my home (always challenged by my three cats, constantly running around while I try to put things in order). Anyway, after the “hard-core” cleaning, I decided to spend some time also on some more “virtual” cleanings online. I have readjusted the theme of my online notepad on tumblr EcletticaMente (mainly in Italian), which now has its own sub domain: I have readjusted my “” page, as well as my Twitter one, trying to synch my profiles (don’t know why, but I have the tendency to always reinvent the wheel when I have to describe myself…). Also tried to set up a new “claim” for myself: Trying to bring back People at the core of the human enterprise. Please throw stones at it… Eventually, after the implementation of my Hr Thinker list, I have created a magazine version, called Knowledge Nomad thanks to the free service of Every day it will serve you a fresh …

My HR thinkers Twitter List

Yesterday I took the liberty to reorganize the way I follow and read some of the best HR blogs and thinkers around the topics of Human Resources on the web. Thing is that I relied a lot on Google Reader to assemble the RSS feeds of the various blogs that I found interesting. The recent decision to discontinue this service came as a really unwelcome surprise to me, so I tried to understand a way on how to make sure I wasn’t loosing touch with my favorite readings. As a matter of fact I started considering what the best way to get this done. As I use Flipboard to read most of my online content on my iPad, I browsed a bit, until I found that probably the best thing to do was to create a List on Twitter, then include that as a separate subscription in Flipboard. But, as I was doing this anyway, the question was why not sharing this small piece of work? That is why I have created and made public …


Tipping ideas

One of the key features I would like to deliver through this blog, is some key effective tips that can help improve how everyday’s life. I’ve decided to user not much text for this, as I would really like to keep these short and simple, the way an actual “Tip” should be. I know this is not a completely new idea, but it is worth trying, also because often all what is needed is just a simple place where to find good and effective ideas. Plus, I’ve decided to only place the few Tips that I know are working, simply because I have tried them myself. So, let’s start! And please, make sure you get any idea or feedback through this blog’s comments!

Reset and Restart

It’s more than a year that I’ve not given attention to this Blog. What happened? Well… I changed job, I moved to another country… substantial changes in life and basically the need to devote time to other priorities. But… writing has always appealed to me, and I wanted top take back some time for myself, and start back in sharing thoughts and experiences. But what is going to change? Well, the first thing you have probably noticed: this post is in English. As my current work is mainly done in this language, I sort of feel I should share my thoughts also with the people I work with. Both clients and colleagues, should have the opportunity (I hope) to exchange ideas on this blog and comment on my ideas. Plus… somehow I feel that the topics I am usually interested in cannot be framed and limited by one language only. I’ve also decided to refresh the design of the blog. It will take sometime before it gets fully usable, but I believe it to be a lot …

Mille Pensieri Felici

Qualche giorno fa, mentre stavo scrivendo l’articolo per il primo dell’anno, mi sono imbattuto in una domanda che per molti davvero è senza risposta. Come si fa ad essere felici? Lungi dal pensare di poter offrire La risposta a questa domanda, credo però ci siano tante piccole cose che si possono fare per vivere meglio ed in maniera maggiormente positiva. Ed ho deciso di provare a raccoglierle in un breve diario giornaliero realizzato su Tumblr dal titolo “Mille Pensieri Felici“. Bè, 1000 consigli è effettivamente un traguardo ambizioso, ma sono già riuscito a metterne assieme più di un centinaio che vi aspettano sul medesimo link. Ogni giorno son pubblicati un pensiero (disponibili questi anche in ordine cronologico), una fotografia od un immagine evocativa ed una citazione sul tema della felicità. Inoltre ogni tanto pubblico anche qualche link a qualche sito interessante sul tema presente in rete. L’idea è che questo progetto sia aperto anche al contributo dei lettori. E’ quindi possibile inviare il vostro Pensiero Felice direttamente su Tumblr, e quindi contribuire ad un’idea lontana dalle soluzioni …

Una nuova casa

Come tutti avrete notato mantenere la mia presenza sul web nel tempo è stato piuttosto complicato. Carenza di tempo, di attenzione, di spunti, in genere “voglia di una pausa” per certi versi mi hanno portato a meditare molto sulla mia presenza sul web. Che ho deciso di limitare fortemente. Approfittando della scadenza dell’abbonamento al dominio, ho chiuso il blog “EcletticaMente” che per quasi due anni mi aveva accompagnato. E’ stata una bella avventura, ma troppo grossa da gestire da solo. Ho chiuso quindi anche il rapporto con MediaTemple, non avendo più necessità di un server intero da gestire in autonomia, e ho deciso di spostare il mio blog personale su Pian piano riprenderò a pubblicare qualche contenuto relativo soprattutto ai temi di management e gestione delle Risorse Umane.