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A collection of mainly visual inspirations, quotes, and other interesting stuff that I found useful and usable.

The Little Book of Ideo
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The Little Book of IDEO

When Reed Hastings published Netflix’s Culture Deck in 2009, it stimulated a few other companies to follow the same path, through an initiative…

The Netflix Culture Deck
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Netflix Culture Deck

The Netflix Culture Deck became quickly famous back in 2009 when it was released in the public, outlining the revolutionary culture of Netflix.…

A Beginner's Guide to becoming a First-Principles Thinker
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A Beginner’s Guide to becoming a First-Principles Thinker

Compiled by Ayush Sharma and Rahul Garg this is an excellent guide on First-Principle thinking. “First-principles are the Lego building blocks for thinking.…

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Responsive Organisation Infographic

A few weeks ago Redthread research published a very interesting research report focused on the following question: Why are some organizations able to…

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A Critical Thinking Cheatsheet

An interesting for Critical Thinking Cheatsheet. With a number of questions to ask whenever you discover or discuss new information. Following the 5W+H…