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Digital Transformation in Store 3
Customer Experience

Digital Transformation in Store

Perhaps no other industry has been impacted by changing customer demand like retail. People want to have 24/7 shopping experiences, and they want…

Pivoting on the Career Path 5

Pivoting on the Career Path

How can you grow your own career, in a world where AI, Machine Learning and automation seem to change the basic rules of…

What should HR be? 7

What should HR be?

One of the most interesting concepts that I’ve been able to capture at UNLEASH18 in Amsterdam this week, relates to the constant discussion…

A New Paradigm for People Management 9

A New Paradigm for People Management

HR is fighting a battle for its relevance in tomorrow’s organisation. If it wants to become something more than just an entity dealing…


My HR thinkers Twitter List

Yesterday I took the liberty to reorganize the way I follow and read some of the best HR blogs and thinkers around the…